We provide complete online photo editing services from photo enhancing to restoration and from photo correction to photo painting. We can transform your photo from good to great. We are not only the best but also a cost effective solution.Click on the following link to view our photo services.
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Tattoo Retouching Services

Tattoo is something which represents the way you think, your way of admiring art. Tattoo designs sound really interesting for those people who like to express themselves through body art. And when you come across a tattoo which you really like, but before you rush to tattoo parlor, you want to make sure whether it will look nice on you or not. Here is when we come in. we at fototailor.com provide tattoo photo editing and retouching service. We will not only place it on your chosen body part. But we can also edit photo of that tattoo if you want to change its color or some other attractive picture editing effects to make it more attractive or suit to your preference.

Tattoos can of any size or nature, whether it is a tattoo symbols, tattoo artwork, dragon tattoos, female tattoos, butterfly tattoos or any kind of tattoo images, you send us we will work on it based on your preference. W can change colors of tattoos, vectorize your images to make tattoos, adjust add or remove any unwanted symbols or drawings. And produce artwork according to your choice.

So in a nut shell no pain, no going to tattoo parlor for tattoo fixation. Simply send us for tattoo editing or for remove tattoo or retouching & editing.

Other than that our services include, removing tattoo from Photos, Professional Photo Editing, and Recreation & Enhancement Services. Offering a range of unique photo gift ideas for all occasions, along with professional photo editing, photo repair and photo correction services, Picture Evolution can help you create memorable images that last a lifetime.

We at fototailor, work as a team of best photo editing artists, who not only edit photos, but also have the experience to judge what will over all image end result from the eyes of client. So at fototailor you will get best photo editing & photo retouching service at an affordable prize.


How to order a Tattoo Effect:


Tatto effect is embedded in our fundamental correction services section. But if you want to discuss on your photo and the tattoo you want to be pasted on it, then send the zipped folder on the link here. One of our artists will contact you within hours and discus on how you want it or how you want it to be placed.  Other than that if you areinterested in removing tattoo from your photo, then upload the photo, select 'remove object' from intermediate services and make the payment, within 24 hours you will recieve back your corrected photo.


Tattoo photo editing service starts from $6.00 to $8.00 depending on the nature of job.


if you are looking for something else on tattoo photo editing contact us, we will be honored to assist you.


Get all the basic changes done on your good photo to make it look great. Changes like Red Eye, teeth whiting, color correction and a lot more.
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Make the most of your photo by using some artistic yet professional services such as color to white, restoration, photo effects and a lot more
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Some more corrections, including, water correction, product enhancement, white background and the list continues.
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