We provide complete online photo editing services from photo enhancing to restoration and from photo correction to photo painting.
We are not only the best but also a cost effective solution.

Our Removing Pimples Services includes erasing pimples as if they were never there, all this just for $ 6.00

Remove Pimples From a Digital Photo


 If you are tired of pimples, scars, and other distracting blemishes that are always highlighted in your pictures and which affects your amazing looks, the fototailor.com is the best effortless and affordable option for you. Fototailor.com is the online image editing service provider. having a widest as well as affordable photo editing services.  Removing pimples, Scares or any other distracting blemishes will be professionally erased from your photo, by our experienced as well as professional picture editors.



You will find hundreds of tutorials online on how to remove pimples. But for that you have to learn software as well a professional eye to judge your efforts. So why waste time, just upload your image and relax with 24 hours you will receive your pimple free photo. Upload it on any social networking website or make it your profile. Do whatever you want to do. With fototailor you get a perfect photo.


Remove Pimples service is embedded in our intermediate corrections. Each intermediate correction is of 3 credits.



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Get all the basic changes done on your good photo to make it look great. Changes like Red Eye, teeth whiting, color correction and a lot more.
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Some more corrections, including, water correction, product enhancement, white background and the list continues.
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