We make you look skinny and slim in yours photos. Unlimited revisions until satisfied, delivery within 24 hours. Get best "Make me skinny service" at just $6.00. So sign up now and send us you pictures.

Apart from this we provide complete online photo editing services , click here to view our host of other services

Get Yourself Slim in a Picture


I have often read these lines “make me skinny in this photo.” Or “slim me in this picture”.   There are many tutorials who teach you how to do this. But what a professional artist can do is not possible by a newly learned photo editing tutorial. Besides every image is different, so a professional artist has to work differently to make the person naturally slim in the photo so he or she doesn’t look photo retouched. 


So answer to all of your queries is simple, come to fototailor for professional photo editing services.  Fototailor.com is a professional Online Photo Editing service. Where you can send any image and get it fixed within 24 hours. We provide a wide range of services at affordable rates.


Slim Me or Slendrize service for $ 6.00 (£ 4.08) only
Unlimited Revisions until Satisfied
Delivery within 24 hours

Slim me:

Let us turn your dream of looking slim and attractive into reality. We will slim in a professionally that no one will ever think that this photo is edited. Our professionals work closely on each photo to make it look great. A perfect solution to have a perfect slim body in photo. This 'slim me' service is embedded in our Intermediate Service. Take a look at one of our case studies on

''slim me service'. Take a look at some of the examples down on this page.



Some cameras can distort a person's true figure. We can give a more slenderizing, appealing and a natural look to a figure. The Slendrize service is embeded in our 'intermediate service'

Both of these services have the similar objective to make you look skinny. but foucs on both both of these services is slightky different.when we recieve a photo with your request on making in it look skinny. we look at the image do adjustments in body and face till to an extend which will suit. Slim me and Slenderize services are embedded in Intermediate corrections.  
View one of our case studies based on Slim me Service 

If you have any queries about your photos you can contact us, or if you want to show our photo to us before making the payment and enquire whether will it be possiable to edit that image you can upload image on the following link
if you are looking for something else on slim me service for photo editing contact us, we will be honored to assist you.
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